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Visit a Vermont Icelandic Sheep Farm... from yesterday to today... through our Stories from a Vermont Hill Farm:

These stories have been published in regional newspapers and represent an ongoing collection by season of a year (several actually) on the farm. The latest stories appear as the top listings, the archives are listed by season below.  Please do not reprint our work without our permission.

The Latest Story From the Farm: Too Much Of a Good Thing

Stories from a Vermont Spring:

´  Feather: Magic Measured in Ounces
A Gathering of Friends: Spring on a Vermont Farm
Hobblewood: Love and the Essence of Spring
Sheep Shed Ergonomics
Lambs: Remembering Our First Lamb
Proof Positive of a Pregnancy: Our Premie Lamb
Chores: Cutting Firewood and Raising Chickens
The Summer House: Remembering Seasonal Friends
Road Art: Modern Art on a Grand Scale in Mansfield
The Well: Looking Down and Back 200 Years

Stories from a Vermont Summer
The Royal Flush: How We Came To Have Plumbing
The Fourth of July: New Peas and Patriots
July Berrying: Success is Finding the Right Friend
The Chickens: A Girl and her Birds
Too Much Of a Good Thing
The Statehouse: Visiting Vermont's Monument to Democracy

Stories from a Vermont Autumn
Fall Tales: Stories from a Storyteller's past
Fall Harvest: Of Leaves
Shearing: You'd think the sheep would be cooperative...
The Truck: Making Do With One Vehicle and a Spare
Of Ram Lambs and the Breeding Season...
Trucks: When Old Junk Turns Into a  Friend
Camilla Blue: Finding Treasure on the Bookshelf

Stories from a Vermont Winter
Christmas Wreaths: Earning a Living In Vermont
Winter: Of Ice and Snow  and Pregnant Ewes
Frozen Gifts: The Joys of a Winter Puppy
Winter Wildlife: There's a Mouse in Our House!

`The History of the Farm, from the mid-1800's to present as told through the eyes of the women who lived it.





The Farm at Morrison Corner raises Icelandic Sheep on the last hill farm in Mansfield, VT.  Learn about Raising Icelandic Sheep, Raising Chickens, Moving to Vermont and Living in Vermont on this and our other sites.

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