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Icelandic Sheep for Sale, 2009

We are certified Scrapie Free

We are happy to work with new farms to package a small flock to get you started, this year we're again working with Frelsi Farm to bring the right mix of color, pattern, and lines, so you can have exactly what you're looking for. Our site has several articles to point you in the right direction as far as fencing and other information goes, but there is nothing like a hands on experience, so contact us if you'd like to visit the farm and get a feel for handling the sheep.


Frelsi Farm Ram Canadian Sheep Breeder's Association Registration Number :

CAN 635869-P

Polled Ram carrying solid, black, spotting, and possibly, but not proven moorit.

$600, transport possible.

A big gentle giant who has provided us with too many lambs.. and now has to move on to another farm to keep the lines clean!

Where'd all the lambs go?!?

That's a good question!  This season we had a bumper crop of boys.. all ram lambs and one ewe lamb.  Our rams are already spoken for, and the ewe lamb we intend to keep for ourselves.  We might be able to part with one of our mature ewes after weaning in August, but for now we are referring anyone looking for a flock to Frelsi Farm The Maine Icelandic Sheep Farm. Frelsi can provide some transport, does have a selection of ewes with lambs by their sides this spring, and has a stellar reputation for high standards and quality stock.




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 Want to visit? We're in Mansfield, VT outside of Stowe.

Can't visit? Buy our Vermont wool online!



The Farm at Morrison Corner raises Icelandic Sheep on the last hill farm in Mansfield, VT.  Learn about Raising Icelandic Sheep, Raising Chickens, Moving to Vermont and Living in Vermont on this and our other sites.

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