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The OrbWeaver Philosophy

In the early hours of the morning when the dew soaks through your shoes, you can see them. Webs spun between blades of grass, or between the strands of the barbed wire fences. Perfectly symmetrical, glowing in the breaking dawn... these are the webs of the Orbweavers.

Orbweavers have been creating perfect webs for thousands of years. OrbWeavers for slightly less, but with the same care and attention to detail.

We do have, however, a few quirks you should know about before you hire us.

We are awkward in person. Hey, its a geek thing. So I'm told is Bill Gates. We stumble through presentations and generally do not inspire confidence. But we'll build you two index pages, free. The first one is our vision of your site, the second will incorporate your critiques. All we ask is that you either supply us with images you want us to use, or accept that clip art has its limitations.

We detest waste. Wasted time, wasted money, wasted effort. So we aren't going to waste yours. We encourage you to make use of our worksheet to get your thoughts together. And we encourage you to use tried and true marketing tools from our free tips to build traffic, rather than lavishing resources on uncertain outcomes.

We see the future, and the winners have solid customer relations, a catchall phrase we use to describe the relationship your web (really, all of your marketing efforts should have) with current and potential customers. We'll actively encourage you to work that e-mail list, so start canvassing your staff for good ideas.

We are here to train, advise, and assist you in bringing your web maintenance in-house. Once your initial web, be it a brochure or e-commerce site has been constructed, we are not in the business of keeping the inner workings a deep dark secret known only to geeks. If you want to update, change, adjust, add to, or maintain your web site yourself, we're here to help you make that happen. And we'll keep a copy of your original site, just in case you hit the delete key by accident.

We prefer e-mail to virtually any other form of communication. So we'll send information you can use directly to your e-mail address.

But we bill in snail mail. Go figure. Web work is due upon receipt of the bill.

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