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Farms have a unique business model, and unique web needs.

For one thing... farms need to work up a web on an absolute shoestring. Since we run a small farm ourselves, we've got a perspective on farm needs like no other web design service you're going to run into. This business page has been set up specifically to address the needs of a small farm. To the left are the general links... below are articles that will help you plan your web, consider the opportunities available to you when it comes to selling your products online, and (we hope) give you some ideas for expanding your web presence.

A Nickel and Dime Business.. that adds up: Affiliate Marketing
Want to enhance your site, but don't really have anything new to say? A few links to an affiliate may be just the trick, and make you a little cash on the side.

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This Month's Web Lab:

Just Make it Go Away! Buying, Selling, Listing: moving excess inventory on ebay.

With a simple link to ebay you can move inventory fast, without the fuss on establishing your own ecommerce presence. Or save cash on items you need to keep your business going. For some folks, ebay is more than an amusement, it is their business. For the rest of us, ebay is a useful business tool. Learn more.